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Civil Appeals

The Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Diamond is located in Atlanta, Georgia and we have successfully handled many cases of civil appeal in state and federal court.

If your civil case did not turn out the way you wanted, you need the help of an experienced civil appeals attorney to guide you on your appellate options. Mr. Diamond has extensive experience in handling civil appeals in insurance cases and business litigation.

Appeal Procedure:

A civil appeal is a means to reverse errors in law that may have occurred in the trial court. Either parties or both parties can file an appeal. The parties then prepare a record from which three appellate justices (if the appeal is from a Superior Court) will review to determine if reversible error occurred.

There are two parts to the record – the clerk’s transcript (this consists of all the court documents and all the evidence presented at the trial) and the reporter’s transcript (this has the transcripts of all the testimony and arguments to the court) and the appeal is taken entirely from these records there is no new evidence or testimony.

The Civil appeals attorney files a brief persuading that the trial court committed an error. The error could involve a number of issues, including an erroneous interpretation of the law, an erroneous application of the facts, or procedural irregularities occurring during the case in the trial court, whether during the motion process or at trial.

If the appeals court justices agree with the appeal, then the trial court judgment is usually reversed and remanded back to the trial court for further proceedings. The decision is sent to the trial court for a new trial, or the appellate court may instruct the court on how an issue should be decided.

It is very important to have an experienced civil appeals law firm representing you in your appeal procedure; at the Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Diamond our civil appeals attorney has the understanding of the law and the skill to maximize your chances of winning the appeal in your favor.

A civil appeal is a post-

trial procedure by which

a party to a lawsuit may

ask a higher level court

to either affirm or

reverse the decision

of the trial court.